Saturday, 5 April 2014

Be a Powerful Money Magnet

Become a money magnet with powerful money affirmations. I made this video clip to help me concentrate with my manifestations. Got to think positive to bring positive outcome to I wanted to share this with others.
Look at this video twice a day as your subconscious mind attract the wealth you want and need. I'm watching it in the morning when I start my day and when I retire to my bed to embed this in my subconscious mind. MAKE IT A HABIT TO PRACTICE ON IT DAILY. Thanks for viewing.

Affirmative Prayer - Declare this to yourself with authority and enthusiasm every day and it will change your life. Watch for the positive changes you experience.

I am highly blessed and richly favored.
The blessings of a loving Universe flow in and through my life.
I am open to receive my good in every way.
I am prosperous and so blessed.
Money comes easily to me and I spend it wisely.
I am looking forward to the experience of more money in my life.
Greater financial opportunities are coming into my life now.
Good prospering ideas are flowing into my life now.
I am open to good ideas of how I can bless the world.
I am so grateful that good things are happening in my life.
I am so grateful for life!
I give mightily and I receive mightily.
Thank you very, very, very much.

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